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Common types of stainless steel flanges used


There are currently many common types of stainless steel flanges used, but the basic types can be divided into the following three:Integrated stainless steel flange. Due to the fact that these stainless steel flanges are usually tapered necks, they are also known as long necked stainless steel flanges or neck stainless steel flanges. Commonly found on valves, it is produced together with valves.


An integral stainless steel flange is usually an integral part of a container or pipeline. Stainless steel flanges are also known as free stainless steel flanges because they are loosely attached to the flange or welded to the edge of the pipe, and the stainless steel flange ends are directly connected to the container or pipeline. This connection method cannot achieve the same strength as integrated connections. The advantage lies in convenient connection.

Looper stainless steel flanges are usually used for small sizes. In order to store stainless steel in non-ferrous metals, 10 metals (plastic, internal porcelain) that are not suitable for integrating stainless steel flanges, such as bent needle stainless steel flanges, have been widely used. The inner ring of a stainless steel flange is angled and has sleeves on simplified or other parts. Then weld the two together. Between the integrated stainless steel flange and the loose stainless steel flange. Generally speaking, it is more effective than integrated stainless steel flanges, but more effective than sleeve type stainless steel flanges.

Forged flanges are the best performing product among all flange products. The raw material is usually a tube blank, which is then cut and continuously beaten to eliminate segregation and porosity of the steel ingot. The price and mechanical performance are higher than those of conventional cast flanges. A stainless steel flange is a component that connects pipes, pipes, and valves to each other and connects them to the end of the pipe. It is used as an inlet and outlet flange for equipment. The connection between two devices is the part that connects the pipeline to the pipeline. Connect to the end of the pipeline. Stainless steel flanges are pipeline accessories. The main materials for forged flanges are carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel.

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